Thursday, August 16, 2012

Welcome to my reading room

Being a voracious reader, I can devour the latest hit novel in a weekend...sometimes a week for the really big ones. I love how a gifted author can wrap the reader in a story and sweep away reality for a little break. Reading a great book is my favorite mini-vacation - no packing required!

I have long considered sharing my reading  journeys alongside my knitting adventures; until now I had to be realistic about how much time a mother of three very young children has. Now that my baby is three and the girls are about to start school again I feel it is time. What better book to start with than the most important one of all, the Bible.

Occasionally a twinge of guilt over having read nearly everything but the Bible in it's entirety would hit me. I would print off a read the Bible in a year plan, make it half way through Genesis and get distracted. In 1999 I made a concerted effort to read my bible and I made it through the entire Old Testament and then lost steam at the Gospels. On my own I just lost the push to make it though the very familiar to me New Testament and patted myself on the back for at least making it more than half way. 

Then over the Summer of 2011 I felt the need again to read my Bible cover to cover, and then I happened across Mom's Toolbox and the sign up for joining a group of women to read the Bible in 90 days together. I knew I could handle the reading portion - approximately twelve pages a day - I also knew I had a hard time making it to the finish line by myself, this was exactly what I needed. I had an incredible experience, it feels so good to have completed a thorough reading of the Bible, and enjoyed very much checking in with my group and sharing the journey. It is now my pleasure to volunteer to lead a group of women through a 90 day session and I am so looking forward to it.
If you are interested in reading the Bible in 90 days, please sign up here:
This session will run Aug 20 - Nov 17